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For any of you who missed it, Never Bored Board Shop closed a couple of weeks ago.  This site is still alive so we can keep sharing our love of paddleboarding and snowboarding with you, and to keep all of our past efforts at sharing information and stoke available.  This is just a little update about what’s going on with us and what we envision the Neverbored name to be about moving forward.

The decision to close the shop was not one that we took lightly.  We learned very early on that keeping the shop made no financial sense.  But we were really passionate about sharing our love of paddleboarding and snowboarding with as many people as we could.  So we kept plugging away, trying to adjust, working hard, and hoping.  It wasn’t enough.  Retail is hard.  The snowboarding industry is hard.  The paddleboarding industry is hard.  Business in RI is hard.  We are not afraid of hard work, but there comes a point where you realize that love and a commitment to working hard are not always enough to make things work.

There were a lot of really awesome things about the shop. We learned more than we ever could have imagined.  We met lots of amazing people.  And we went on some pretty cool adventures.  But there were a lot of less awesome things too.  Low margins on expensive products that take up a lot of space, shoulder seasons where we could go a week at a time with no one coming into the shop, and less and less time to do those things that we were so passionate about that opening a shop seemed like a great idea are just a few.

Now that we have been closed for a few weeks we are sliding into new routines.  Mark actually gets time to paddle on the weekends.  Projects that we have been putting off for years actually have some chance of getting done now. Our backs feel better than they have in years since we are not unloading shipments and constantly hoofing boards.  And we generally have a lot less stress in our lives.

We have been pretty overwhelmed with the adjustment and wrapping up all of the shop business, so posting here has taken a backseat.  Closing has been tougher than opening was.   But we are going to get back on track.  We bothered to move all of our material over here because we hope our content is helpful to you.  There’s still a lot of work to be done on our end.  We are slowly chipping away at it.   And now that our blog doesn’t have to have a specific shape to fit the shop, it’s time to figure out what our message will be.

It made me sad in the final weeks when people would ask where they can take a paddleboard lesson in the area now that we are gone.  There aren’t a lot of good places that we are comfortable sending people, and the best option is 40 minutes away.  When you can, please go to your local shop.  Support them, and you will support the community. We are losing some really great shops for a lot of different reasons. It’s a real shame because the future of the sports lies with the good shops who are committed to fostering and growing the sports.

Beyond that little soapbox, Mark had knee surgery (and I went paddling- with his blessing) and once his rehab is complete, we will be out on the water, hiking in the mountains, traveling, snowboarding when it’s time again, and finally splitboarding.  We can’t wait to share those adventures with you.  We need to re-evaluate the ways that we can keep up with what’s new and exciting in the industries so we’re able to bring you fresh news and insight on new products, and we still want to bring you tips and how-to’s.  We are constantly learning and we don’t want to keep our knowledge to ourselves, we want to share it all.

Thanks for sticking with us and for reading this far.  We really appreciate your support over the years and we can’t wait for the next chapter of the Neverbored chronicles.


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