What’s new from YES. and Now Snowboarding for 2019

Next year YES. celebrates their 10th year in business. Congrats guys! In honor of that, there are some exciting things going on. There is a new logo to celebrate their refresh and staying power. The new logo is more anchored and represents a sort of grounding within the company. All boards in the 2018/2019 line-up will sport this new logo on the reference stance locator on the top sheet.

yes snowboards

Also in celebration of the 10 year anniversary is the addition of the Basic Decade. This board shares the outline of the “regular” Basic, but the performance is more powerful, snappy, and lighter weight.

Some of the differences between the Decade Basic and the traditional Basic are:

Decade: 7/10
Basic: 5/10

Decade: Exposed Composite
Basic: Plain old go to hell Topsheet

   Decade: Carbon Powerdrive 2.0 + Slamback Stance
Basic: Full Poplar

   Decade: Triax + Carbon
Basic: Biax

   Decade: Sintered True
Basic: Extruded

Base profile:
   Decade: Camrock 2-4 (lower rocker than Basic)
Basic: Camrock 4-4-4


yes snowboards

Next year YES is expanding their kids’ offerings adding the Pow, Inc. for mini shredders who don’t think it’s fair that adults get all the powder. It is a scaled-down version of the 420. There is also going to be a new size for the Fun, Inc. for kids.

yes snowboards

Four boards will boast a new core for next year. The Hel Yes, Standard, Ghost, and Uninc. The new poplar, paulownia, and bamboo core is more responsive and 10% lighter than the previous one.

The Uninc. is revamped for next year too. It is still an asymmetrical twin with asym flex. But the new outline has asymmetrical midbite to complement opposing sidecut specs, and the new base profile is Camber 2-4-2. These elements combine to provide better edge hold and greater stability on landings.

yes snowboards

Looks like YES’s 10th year is going to be a great one!


With just a couple of updates to the NOW Snowboarding lineup, we’ll toss those in here too.

There is a new PA66-C buckle lever for the Drive, Recon, and O-Drive. These are made with the same composite blend in the O-Drive hanger. They are incredibly strong and reduce buckle weight by 20%.


yes snowboards

There is also a new highback for the Select, Select Pro, and Brigade. The FM highback has slotted sides that provide medial and lateral torsional flex. The highback follows leg contours for comfort and is pre-rotated 10 degrees. The flex is a 4 out of 10 for freestyle playfulness.

NOW Snowboarding has their lineup dialed in with a binding for everyone and every style of riding.


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