What kind of paddleboard challenges motivate you to paddleboard?

We all have different motivators. We have shared some of ours with you in previous posts, but what we want to know is how do you challenge yourself? What are your paddle goals for this year?

In the beginning the goals were much smaller, try paddling in the bay, paddling 5 miles, learning to do a pivot turn without getting soaked, etc. But as we saw more, learned more, and did more, the goals grew.


Then we found ourselves

  • Training for a 34 mile paddleacross Cape Cod Bay in the Cape Cod Bay Challenge
  • Following a 16 week program of intervals, heart rate monitoring, endurance training, etc. (far and away the most structured paddling endeavor we have undertaken)
  • Paddling around Conanicut Island (Jamestown) a paddle that takes you by some of the most beautiful coastline in RI
  • Part of a group called the 100/100 paddle challenge. With a new paddle challenge approximately every 110 days, I have paddled 100 miles in just over 3 weeks just to earn a sticker.
  • Paddling to all of the RI lighthouses(we have two left to visit)
  • Paddling around Prudence Island
  • Paddling to see a tall ship in Newport Harbor


These are some of the big ones, the ones that we’re the most proud of, or that provided the best motivation, or that were the most fun. But there are many more things on our local bucket list.


  • Paddle to Block Island
  • Paddle around Block Island (we need to visit the last two lighthouses in RI)
  • Paddle around Aquidneck Island
  • Paddle to and around Hope Island
  • Learn to downwind for real…not just faking it
  • Explore the East Bay more
  • See dolphins while paddling
  • Finish my ACA Level 2 training



What are your goals? What type of challenge gets you out of bed in the morning? It doesn’t have to be elaborate or super loft, just wanting to spend more time on the water unwinding is a perfectly good goal. But we want to know what you want to accomplish and how we can help you do it. Maybe you want to try paddleboarding for the first time. Or perhaps you are an old hand at it, and love what you already do on the board, and that’s great too. But if your paddle outings need freshening up, depending on your level, here are some ideas to push the boundaries of your comfort zone little by little


  • Get more steady and comfortable on the board
  • Learn to move around on the board
  • Work on paddle technique
  • Workout off the water to improve your paddling
  • Paddle twice/week all summer
  • Paddle 100 miles this summer
  • Paddle from a new spot each week
  • Try racing
  • Paddle in the ocean
  • Try surfing
  • Meet new paddle people
  • Try SUP yoga
  • Take a lesson
  • Try paddling in a variety of conditions



Paddling is all about what it means for to you. There are an infinite number of possibilities for you to explore on your paddleboard. These are just some ideas that might be a little outside your normal paddling box. It’s always a great idea to connect with a local group or shop to find paddle companions that can help you accomplish your paddleboarding goals. And it’s great to paddle with people who can push you, even if just a little, to become a better paddler, or just push the boundaries of your comfort zone a little. The rewards are well worth it!



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