Tracking Apps for Paddleboarding

We all know there’s an app for just about everything.  We have explored some of the apps that can help you prepare for weather, winds, and tides before heading out.  There are a whole lot of tracking apps out there too that you might find useful.

There are plenty of paddleboarding apps that will record basic information like your speed, distance, and elapsed time, and most will show you a map of your route. Slowly more and more of them are even adding standup paddleboarding as an activity choice (so we no longer have to select bike riding as our activity when we head out to the ocean).



Some of these apps include

Paddle Logger



Motion X-GPS

And there are many more…

They will all capture the essentials, and some will give you option to share your data with your friends and on social media, track additional stats, program workouts, and virtually race against yourself or your friends’ times.


Paddle Logger is the only paddle specific app among these, and it is available for $.99.   The genius lies in its simplicity. It has the essential information, but not a lot of other battery-draining stuff that you don’t really need. It is very easy to use and not bogged down by a lot of fancy stuff. It has a very large button to start /stop the program making it tough to miss even if you are in motion. There is also delay feature that you can set ranging from 0 seconds to 4 minutes from the time you press start to when it starts tracking. This gives you time to get your phone secured, get on your board, and start paddling before your data is being recorded. It will even alert you when it does start. You can easily organize your trips with folders, customized paddle names, notes, and photos. And you can share the info right from the app. Simple and comprehensive- those are my priorities in a sup tracking app, making this a favorite.



Strava premium is a great choice if you are the competitive type and want to measure your progress against friends, or yourself. It is a subscription service and many of my friends use this for tracking their bike rides. I have the free version to house my NK SpeedCoach SUP 2 data, since it will accept .fit files. But for tracking daily paddles, I find it a little too bike/run centric, and a little more competitive than I prefer. But that really motivates some people. And if you are looking for an app to keep track of a variety of fitness endeavors, this is one to check out.


Endomondo is a feature rich app that has a very user friendly interface. You can get the essential information like distance, time, average speed, and top speed with just the press of a couple of buttons. But the app does much more than that, especially if you subscribe to the premium service. It is ½ the price of Strava’s subscription if you pay by the year. With the premium service you can do many of the same functions, like set goals, go after friends’ best times, go against your own best times, set up intervals, and follow preset routes. It is easily paired with a heart rate belt to track that information and help you keep intervals on track if you use heart rate based training.


Motion X-GPS includes the option to share your progress as you go with contacts that you specify making this a unique choice amongst the group (this will be addressed more in the final paddleboard apps post). It has a lot of customization options that are kind of overwhelming to me. The interface isn’t as clean and streamlined as Paddle Logger or Endomondo. but the basic operation is as simple as start, stop, and save. And if you are motivated to take the time to set it up the way you want it, you can get a lot of data and a lot of control for a modest $2.99.



These are just a few of the many apps available to help you track your sup workouts. Before you head out on a really long paddle, you should probably test how running your selected app affects your battery life. I default to Paddle Logger when using my phone to track my outing, battery conservation being one of the reasons. When I really want to collect as much sup specific data as possible, I rely on my NK SpeedCoach SUP 2. I would love to hear about what apps you like to use.


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