Thoughts on the SIC FX Pro 14

SIC (Sandwich Islands Composites) is a high-end paddleboard brand out of Hawaii.  A lot of the top pros ride for SIC because they produce high performance boards that are well designed for competition level paddleboarding. SIC originally started producing paddleboards specifically made for downwinding. Since then they’ve expanded into race, surf, and all-around styles.

FX Pro Nuts and Bolts

The SIC FX Pro is a new board in the line that is intended to bridge the downwind Bullet series and the flatwater touring and race X series. It is a carbon board and the deck is reinforced with PVC, making it very stiff and light. The 14′ only weighs 24 lbs!

I’ve been riding the 14 for the several weeks- it’s 14′ long by 25″ wide with 7.75″ of thickness. It has 290 liters of volume, so it can certainly accommodate heavier riders. The FX Pro was designed to be fast and stable not only in calm conditions but also in rougher water. It has a fatter, more rounded forward section, which helps keep the bow from plowing water so you can keep up your speed up in bumpy conditions.

There is a slight rocker in the nose and tail while the middle section is very flat giving it extra stability and good planing when on a bump. The back section of the FX Pro is thick and beefy so there’s lots of volume through the tail.

The deck is pretty much even with the top of the rails all the way across. SIC says this design helps prevent you from banging your knees/shins against the rail when doing a beach start. It also comes with a removable race handle that can be mounted on either side of the board.

The Ride

At 25 inches wide, the first thing I noticed about the FX Pro is how clean it glides through the water. There’s very little drag and the board is very quiet. It feels like the stiffness of the carbon construction combined with the sharp nose profile allows it to cut through any chop on the water very easily.

The flattened deck feels really comfortable. I love being able to move around a lot on a board without feeling confined the way I sometimes do on a recessed deck. Even as you step way back on FX Pro the board still feels plenty spacious to move around on- very nice.

Stability-wise, the 25″ wide FX Pro gives you a little less room for error than say the X-12 or the Bullet- both around 29″ wide. It will react more quickly to sloppy footwork but still gives you plenty of time to correct. Once you bring it up to speed it is very stable and the rewards of extra glide and speed are immediately noticeable.

I’ve taken FX Pro out on a number of high-wind days in the harbor and reservoir. The board picked up small to medium size bumps very easily and the nose had no tendency at all to pearl. Even though the board has some nose and tail rocker, I feel like it wants to track hard and fast, so it takes a little more effort to get it to come around.

In heavy side chop the FX Pro does get handled a bit. The low rocker and hard edges on the rails can make it feel grabby, unlike the Bullet that just rolls through chop like it was nothing. But!! Once you step back and bring the nose off the water the FX Pro levels right out, stabilizes and still maintains decent speed.

I plan on spending a lot more time on this board. It’s incredibly fun to ride in all conditions. I’ve got about ten days on the FX Pro and I can’t think of a faster board I’ve been on. Stop by our shop if you would like to demo it!


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