There’s an app for that! Snowboarding apps for snowfall, trail maps, tricks, & more

snowboarding apps

There are a lot of snowboarding apps out there for your iPhone.  We are singling out some of the best to save you the effort of having to check them all out.  But it’s quite possible that there is something that we have missed, so if you have a favorite that we left out…please let us know.

We decided to focus on several different aspects of snowboarding when choosing these apps.

  • Weather-particularly snow forecasts
  • Trail maps
  • Progress tracking apps-many of these include trail maps also
  • Avalanche safety
  • Trick apps

Any snowboarder can appreciate the importance of snow. Many of these weather apps will show temperatures and general weather conditions, snow forecasts, snow totals, and some include features like base depths.

snowboarding apps

For people serious about a comprehensive forecast Snow Watcher-NOAA Winter Weather Forecasts ($.99) is an excellent choice.  With features like

  • hyper localized forecasts
  • map overview to show which locations you are watching have snow in the forecast
  • hourly forecast for next 24 hours
  • 7 day overview
  • weather graphic with snowfall intensity, snow quality and wind speed
  • National Weather Service watches and warnings
  • Works anywhere in the US that NOAA provides forecast data


iSnow (free) has apps for most of the US states with ski areas.  It is a series of free apps that show snowfall for all of the resorts in the state along with trail maps, state maps with pins for resorts and push notifications for snow.  This app is good if you are trying to pick a place to ride based on where the most snow is.

 snowboarding apps

REI Snow Report (free) is one of the most popular snow sport and weather apps.  Some of the features are

  • push notifications for snowfall
  • most resort trail maps
  • additional resort information like the number of trails open, base and summit base depths, past 72 hour snowfall, and a 5 day forecast


Liftopia (free) has all of the basic weather features, but it stands out because it also offers ticket discounts.  Many are redeemable right from your iPhone.

snowboarding apps

Many apps provide trail maps for a number of resorts, but iTrailMap (free) has high resolution trail maps and works without cell service.  The maps are downloaded and stored on your phone so you can view them in spots where you cannot get a signal and they are easy on your battery because they are accessing a signal for you to get your information.

snowboarding apps

Snocru (free) is great social app for staying connected on the mountain.  You can

  • connect with your friends in real time
  • locate your friends through GPS
  • find good après spots and local snowboard shops
  • and you can share it all through Facebook or Twitter

snowboarding apps

There are a number of good tracking apps so you can see your stats and progress on the mountain…how many runs did you take, what was your average speed, top speed, vertical feet you traveled, how long was each run?


SnowEdge (free) is one of these apps.  It is for people who need to quantify their progress.  With SnowEdge, you can

  • measure speed, acceleration, turns, air time
  • you can measure your accomplishments against a performance index
  • if you are not tracking your speed you can turn GPS off


Skitracks  ($.99 there is a free lite version also, but you just spent $80 on a lift ticket…you can spring for the real version that has better features!)  Here’s what sets SkiTracks apart

  • track your progress without cell of phone signal
  • take calls while it is running
  • run-by-run analysis
  • animated preview in maps & 3D Google maps with standard and satellite views
  • add photos to tracks
  • share tracks on Facebook
  • one touch backups for all of your tracks
  • tracks include max speed, average speed, distance, vertical feet, altitude, slope, time and number of runs

snowboarding apps

AlpineReplay ski & snowboard (free) is a combination of tracking app and social app. It allows you to track

  • maximum speed, average speed, distance, vertical feet, calories burned (if you enter basic information about yourself in the profile), number of runs, air time
  • season leaders
  • who’s on the mountain right now
  • session sheets
  • videos from the resort
  • lift rankings and lift lines


Another category of apps addresses snowboard tricks…

snowboard apps

Trickbag ($1.99 or free for lite version) was created by pro rider Nick Hyne.  It provides a shopping list of tricks.  You pick the ones you want to learn and use Trickbag to learn them and then keep track of your progress.   Here’s what you can find in Trickbag

  • how to’s for rails, jumps, and grabs
  • challenges
  • wish list for what you want to learn
  • landed list for what you have accomplished
  • report card
  • trick scramble will pick tricks for you to try (full version only)
  • trick battle is for you and your friends and is like the game SKATE  (full version only)
  • You can download the videos to your phone so you don’t need cell service (full version only)


Switch dice ($.99) allows you to choose jumps or rails and select a difficulty level.  You shake your phone and the dice dial up a trick for you and your friends to try.


Avalanche apps also exist and will help you keep track of avalanche conditions.  If you plan to head out into the backcountry, consider checking out these two apps


Avalance Lab (free).  It is a tool to report, measure and share avalanche information.  You can also track pit profiles and data.

snowboarding apps

Mammut Safety (free) This features a clinometer (to measure slope), compass, altimeter, and a risk check to quickly define the level of risk on location.  There is also an SOS function in this app should you get into trouble.


And last we have a few miscellaneous apps that don’t quite fit any of the above categories


GoPro (free) you can control your HERO 3+, or HERO 3 & HD HERO2 with wifi battery pack with your iphone.  You can see live video previews for shot framing, view photos and play back videos, copy video and photos to your device to share, and browse and delete pictures on your card right from your iPhone.

snowboarding apps

100 Day Tracker (free) journals your season.  Keep track of the mountains you ride, the weather, new snow if you’re lucky, and who you were with.  You can also save a picture a day and locate shops with this app as well as view ShredTV while you ride the lift to your next turns.


Ski resort apps…many resorts have their own apps.  These provide local conditions, trail maps, resort info, discounts, ticket purchasing options, and other resort-specific information.  So if you have a favorite place…see if “there’s an app for that”  or if you are visiting someplace new and need the lay of the land, these can be very handy.

snowboarding apps

There are many more apps out there than these, and we have been through many of them to try to bring you the best of the bunch.  Hopefully these will help you have the best experience you can on the mountain.  Whether you just want to know where the most snow feel or if you want some ideas of which trick to throw next…check these out.  If you have any other favorites we would love to hear about them!



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