The SIC FX promises to be a game changer for Paddleboard Racing

Whenever you hear some new piece of gear is going to be a “game changer” naturally you want to know more. With SUP being a relatively new sport, there is still a fair amount of room for the game to change. For people who race in a variety of conditions, rumor has it the SIC FX is going to be your game changer. This is an all-purpose race board that comes in 11’ x 24” (for kids), 12’6 x 25 5/8” wide, and 14’ x 25” wide.

The SIC FX combines the best of both SIC worlds, the Bullet series and the X series. If you race here, there, and everywhere, until now it has been difficult to find a board that will excel in all of the different conditions you encounter. A board that is maneuverable and fast in open water has always been a different board than that which is fastest in flatwater. But regardless of what type of racing you are doing, the FX has you covered.

The Bullet series is the open water race/downwinder series. These boards are always in abundance at major downwind races and set the industry benchmark. Because of the rocker in the nose and the 28.25” width (for the 12’6) and 27.25” for the 14’, it is not the fastest board on flatwater (though for a board of that design, it is still pretty darn quick) The X Pro series is the SIC flatwater race series of boards. It is not unusual to see these on the podium either. But for the average rider, just staying on the X Pro in lots of chop, waves, side wind, and other junky conditions, can be a great challenge in and of itself.

Some of the features of the FX boards that make it the game changer are

  • flattened deck. When you have a beach start for a race, a sunken deck can be a hazard…it’s easy to get caught up or hit yourself on the rail. A flat deck eliminates that makes getting on as seamless as possible.
  • There is additional volume and rocker in the nose. This will prevent your nose from getting buried in waves and big chop. The nose will pop back up rather than pearling, sending you swimming.
  • The rocker also helps in navigating cross chop. Displacement boards are definitely the fastest option in flatwater because they have the longest possible waterline, but in open water, or choppy conditions, they can cause you to lock in to a track and can be tough to handle. Rocker prevents that by letting some water pass under the nose.
  • The rounded rails also help negate dreaded side winds by letting the wind roll over the rail rather than pushing against the whole thing like it is a wall.
  • The bottom is also flattened out a bit providing a good width to stability ratio. The bottom shape makes this board as stable (if not more) than the wider XPro bro boards.
  • It is lightweight. Even the 14’ is under 25 lbs so it is easy to transport, get in the water if you have a beach start, and it’s nice and quick through the water.
  • The combination of materials used for construction provide the best weight to strength to durability to performance blend you can ask for.

If you are racing in varied conditions and you need one board to take everywhere, if you are looking to get into racing and aren’t sure where you will be racing, or if you love to get in on game changing technology, the SIC FX is the way to go.

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