The Arbor Foundation Snowboard Helps Make Snowboarding Affordable

Arbor Collective is celebrating 20 years in business by expanding their collection to cater more of the beginner to intermediate snowboard market. With the release of the Arbor Foundation, you can now get into a quality board, from a quality brand, at an affordable price.



The Arbor Foundation is the new gateway drug to get you stoked on snowboarding! It is an all mountain board with a medium flex so you can go anywhere on the mountain while you hone your skills. It may be a pared down version of some other Arbor boards, but it hits all the important bases, so you don’t need to compromise your riding experience if you don’t have the budget for a $500 board.



Here’s what the Arbor Foundation has to offer

Arbor’s Rocker System– this is a parabolic rocker board that has rocker between the feet that mellows toward the tip and tail. That means you get the easy, catch free riding of rocker, but you don’t have to worry about the washy, sketchy feeling that you can get from some boards that have too pronounced rocker and nothing to counterbalance it.




Spoonhead tips-these are all mountain tips great for blasting through pow or buttering up the groomers.

Durable extruded base…Extruded bases require less maintenance than sintered bases and will take more of a beating. They also help to keep the cost down so win/win.

Medium flex– the flex on this board is soft enough to make learning easier, but it’s no noodle. It will give you the blend of easy riding, and stability that you need, especially when you are starting out.

Biax fiberglass– this keeps the board torsionally soft. This will help you initiate turns, especially when you are starting out. And it will spare you the consequences of stiffer, unyielding boards. It’s also great if you are doing any park or street inspired riding.

Mountain Twin System-this is Arbor’s all around, slightly directional system. The tail is slightly shorter than the nose so you will stay above the snow. And if you set your bindings back a bit, you will still be in the middle of the sidecut allowing more powerful carves and higher speeds. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still head to the park, this board is meant to go everywhere.

Grip Tech– you have extra contact points at your toes and heels. These give you extra control, especially on icy, East Coast conditions. These extra contact points also provide an extra pivot zone to make turning easier and more natural.




Arbor’s classic styling– Arbor has built their brand on showing off the wood that makes up the board and the addition of well-placed colors and design. When you get the Foundation, you still get that classic, timeless look that Arbor is known for.

Commitment to the environment– the 100% sustainably grown poplar core and 360 degree recycled edges uphold Arbor’s commitment to keeping things as friendly to the environment as possible.

3-year warranty– Arbor backs this board just like it does the rest of the line with a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

The Arbor Foundation snowboard is a great way to get in the snowboard game. It is the perfect board to learn on with its easy riding, rocker system profile. And it is a great board to progress on. If you are in the market for an affordable way to get your own quality snowboarding gear…don’t pass up the Arbor Foundation. Coming in under $300, it’s tough to beat.


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