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Learn To Turn Your Snowboard

   The winter sports season is still a couple of months away and you may be considering trying out snowboarding.  Or you may have tried it already with your friends but felt you didn’t really get it.  Maybe you slid down the mountain on your […]

Learning to ride your snowboard switch, the why, when, where, and how

 “Riding switch” is snowboarding with the opposite foot forward of how you normally ride.  If you usually ride “regular” (left foot in front), when you ride switch you will have your right foot in front.  And if you are “goofy” (right foot in front), switch […]

Snowboard Board Control

For beginners just starting out snowboarding it can be a bit nerve racking.  Fear of going too fast and crashing or not being able to go in the direction you need to go can get the better of you.  Anxiety and frustration are something we […]

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