Tag: towing on a standup paddleboard

Towing someone from your standup paddleboard

Towing is not something a lot of people think about when heading out on a standup paddleboard, but you may want to change that thinking.  There are a number of reasons why you might need to tow someone and it’s a lot easier to do […]

Next level guide to paddleboarding in open water

So you have dipped your toes in the open water, hopefully using our guide to getting started paddleboarding in open waterand have read about paddling in rough water, and you have realized how much fun you can have out there and some of the new […]

Beginner Tips for Reading the Wind While Paddleboarding

Here in Rhode Island we get a good amount of wind and not only during the winter.  The Gulf Stream circulates warm air and ocean currents up the coast to us while the Canadian jet stream sends Arctic chilled air down.  The constant push and […]

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