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How to Turn Your Stand Up Paddleboard

Learning how to turn your stand up paddleboard normally comes right after you establish a comfortable sense of balance and gain a degree of control over your paddling technique.  There are three basic ways to turn your paddleboard.  Two of them are very easy to do […]

Moving Around on Your Paddleboard

Most of the time that you’re paddleboarding you’ll be standing in the middle of your board. You will be most stable when standing with your feet on either side of the handle. And for flatwater paddling you will also get the most speed and glide […]

Release and Recovery Phase of the Paddleboard Stroke

In order to become a good paddleboarder you need to develop good paddling skills. Most of your progression in paddleboarding will be a result of learning proper stroke technique. Paddling technique includes the three phases of the stroke- the catch, power phase, and the release and […]

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