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SUP Stroke Technique: Getting the Paddle Down into the Water

Paddleboarding is a great full body exercise sport and the more you do it the stronger you get.  But many people make the mistake that because they are feeling and looking in good shape that they can ride faster by simply paddling harder. But in […]

Early Season Paddleboarding: Paddling Technique

Now that it’s officially spring and there’s no chance of the water freezing over again, it’s time to start getting back into the swing of things. So far I have been out a few times logging some miles. This is the time I need to […]

Paddleboarding tips for when your stroke is stronger on one side than the other

Last year I noticed that my stroke is considerably stronger on my left side than on my right. It is much smoother, I can cover more ground (or water), it’s more comfortable, and I go straighter. Paddling on the right feels unnatural, the board pulls […]

Standup Paddleboarding Tips…3 Tips to Improve Your Paddleboarding

If you are looking for ways to improve your paddling, we have three tips to help you on that road.   1) Move around on your board. The more comfortable you are moving around on your paddleboard, the better. You should practice moving in all […]

Paddleboarding Tips: 7 Tips for Your Forward Stroke

We recently posted a couple of blogs with general tips to improve your paddleboarding.   If you are just starting out, these basic tips will get you going.   For today’s purposes we are assuming that you have some experience and have had a bit of instruction […]

Release and Recovery Phase of the Paddleboard Stroke

In order to become a good paddleboarder you need to develop good paddling skills. Most of your progression in paddleboarding will be a result of learning proper stroke technique. Paddling technique includes the three phases of the stroke- the catch, power phase, and the release and […]

Paddleboarding Stroke: The Catch Phase

Stroke technique is what paddleboarding is all about whether you’re racing, running rivers, downwinding, touring or just cruising around your favorite waterway.  We can break down the paddleboard stroke into three general phases: the catch phase, the power phase, and the release and recovery phase.  For […]

The Power Phase of the Paddleboard Stroke

Paddleboarding is a lot about developing a more efficient stroke. This means getting more power and speed with less effort and strain on your body. In the last two posts we covered the catch phase and the release and recovery phase. For this post we […]

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