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What’s New with Neverbored

For any of you who missed it, Never Bored Board Shop closed a couple of weeks ago.  This site is still alive so we can keep sharing our love of paddleboarding and snowboarding with you, and to keep all of our past efforts at sharing […]

What does “shop local” mean to your local snowboard shop?

What does “shop local” mean to your local snowboard or sup shop? In a word…EVERYTHING! Not unlike other small businesses, your local snowboard shop exists to serve the community.  Of course we rely on the residents of our towns and surrounding areas to keep us […]

13 reasons why you should visit your local sup shop

There are a number of reasons why you should visit your local sup shop-here are 13. More expertise – local stand up paddle board shop usually offer more expertise than big box stores and buying online.  In a good local shop the people working there actually […]

Sweet Waterwear functional paddleboard clothing that looks good too!

Sweet waterwear is a line of stand up paddleboard clothing created by Sean and Judy Sweet in the land of paddling, Hawaii. There are a lot of things to love about Sweet! Here are some of the highlights They use premium watersport performance fabrics It’s […]

A quiver of paddleboards

The idea of a quiver of paddleboards is foreign to most people.  Most people get one board that is suited for all of their needs and they are happy with it.  It may not be the best choice for everything they want to do, but […]

Paddle board construction, 4 common methods

There are numerous methods of stand up paddleboard construction.  We are going to take a look at 4 of the most common methods. These are Wood sandwich construction AST (advanced sandwich construction) Carbon Pop out The commonality among all of these paddle board construction methods […]

Flat water paddleboards vs open ocean paddleboards what’s the difference?

When looking at 12’6 or 14’ paddleboards, many manufacturers separate them into two main categories, flat water or open ocean.  It can be pretty confusing to determine when flat water ends and open water begins and it can be daunting to try to choose a […]

What size paddleboard do I need?

A common question that we get in the shop is “What size paddleboard do I need?”  There’s no easy answer to that question because everyone is different.  And there’s no one right answer…there are a lot of boards out there to choose from.  But if […]

Can You Get A Deal On A Paddleboard At Your Local SUP Shop

There are a number of avenues you can choose to buy a paddleboard.    There are big box stores, chain stores, online stores, and local sup shops.  The price for the same thing can be different at every one of them.  And everyone wants to […]

Should you buy a used stand up paddle board or new one?

A question we field daily is whether or not we have any used or demo paddelboards for sale.  Often we don’t because we try to get 2 years out of our demos to make them worth the money we spend on them.  Occassionally we do […]

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