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Sup safety…how to safely enjoy your stand up paddleboard adventures

Paddleboarding is a fun and relatively safe activity, particularly if you follow these basic safety tips. They may not all apply to you depending on where you paddle, but they are not bad tips to have in mind regardless of where you go. Before heading […]

Buying your first paddleboard..the cheapest paddleboard is rarely the best value

Most of us recognize that price is not the only factor to consider when making buying decisions.  But somehow when it comes to buying a paddleboard lots of people want to buy the cheapest one they can find.  Like most things, there is a huge […]

Towing someone from your standup paddleboard

Towing is not something a lot of people think about when heading out on a standup paddleboard, but you may want to change that thinking.  There are a number of reasons why you might need to tow someone and it’s a lot easier to do […]

Paddleboarding in open water…a guide to get you started

If you have been paddleboarding in flatwater and you want to take your game to open water, there are a bunch of things to be aware of. Here is your guide to getting started paddleboarding in open water Things to know and do before you […]

A Practical Guide to Avoiding Big Ships When Paddleboarding in Boat Traffic

There is a book called How to Avoid Huge Ships. It seems ridiculous, and the reviews are hilarious. But it brings up a good point when you are paddleboarding in boat traffic. How do you make yourself visible to boats? How do you know who has […]

Paddleboard Safety…tips to help you be prepared for an emergency

Paddleboarding safety is a common theme in many of our blogposts. Even when you take precautions, the water can be fickle, and things can turn bad quickly. This isn’t to scare you, it’s just to make you aware, and to help you prepare for a bad situation should […]

Spring marks a bittersweet transition from snowboarding to early season paddleboarding

Spring is always a bittersweet time for us. For those of you who don’t like winter (gasp), spring is a time of hope, and recharging. The planet is waking up from its hibernation, and the urge to get outside becomes tough to resist. And if […]

Beginner Tips for Reading the Wind While Paddleboarding

Here in Rhode Island we get a good amount of wind and not only during the winter.  The Gulf Stream circulates warm air and ocean currents up the coast to us while the Canadian jet stream sends Arctic chilled air down.  The constant push and […]

Paddleboarding Mistakes to Avoid in Order to Stay Safe on the Water

The trade off for paddleboarding and kayaking being so accessible is that many people will go buy a board or kayak and just head out without any knowledge of what they are doing. We are hearing of more and more tragedies on paddleboards and in […]

Standup paddleboard safety…navigating marinas and boat traffic

When paddleboarding, safety has to be your main priority. Part of paddleboarding safely is knowing how to navigate the waterways. Aside from understanding the body of water you are paddling in, how currents and tides affect you there, and where you can get shelter depending […]

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