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Thinking of buying a paddleboard online? Read this first…

So you have decided to invest in your own paddleboard.  Congratulations!  It is a great decision and you will soon find yourself exploring new places from your perch on the water, and your life will never quite be the same now that you are “walking […]

FAQs when you are thinking about buying your first paddleboard

We get asked a lot of questions when people are thinking about buying their first paddleboard.  Here are some of the most common ones we hear.   How heavy are they? Most boards are in the 20-30 lb range.  There are some high-end boards that […]

Stand-Up Paddleboard Handles

One thing all paddleboards have in common is a handle. But you may not be aware of all the different types of stand-up paddleboard handles on the market today and their pros and cons.  Paddleboard handles serve a dual purpose.  The first obviously is to […]

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