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Snowboarding Outreach: More Common Than You’d Expect

Sometimes it seems that snowboarding still bares the stigma of being mostly for teenagers who are looking for just another way to rebel against mom and dad, and society in general.  A lot of these stereotypes are a carry-over from the days when snowboarders were […]

Snowboarding in Vermont and need a place to stay?

We love snowboarding and splitboarding  in southern VT because it’s easy to get to, it has tons of mountains to shred and plenty of awesome places to shack up for a night or two.  We’re not really about reviewing hotels, Inns or other manners of […]

Snowboarding History

Snowboarding history, where and when did it all begin?  Well, it is not hard to imagine that someone over the course of human history slid down a slope covered in snow by standing sideways on some sort of plank.  Unfortunately, that person(s) will remain in […]

There’s an app for that! Snowboarding apps for snowfall, trail maps, tricks, & more

There are a lot of snowboarding apps out there for your iPhone.  We are singling out some of the best to save you the effort of having to check them all out.  But it’s quite possible that there is something that we have missed, so […]

9 tips for your first time snowboarding

Congratulations on your decision to learn to snowboard!  You are in store for tons of fun playing in the snow!  But there is a learning curve with snowboarding and hopefully these tips will make learning a little more fun and a little less painful. Commit […]

Retro Style Snowboard Shapes

Snowboard construction has steadily improved over the last forty plus years, and those improvements have ushered in many changes in technological design, materials and shapes.  Ironically, a number of snowboards that are being produced today are either copies of the snowboard shapes of the seventies […]

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