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Tips to improve your snowboarding

No matter what your level of snowboarding prowess, you are probably looking for some ways to get better.   Here are some tips for beginners and intermediate snowboarders to make improvements and get more enjoyment out of your riding We all learn in different ways and […]

9 Reasons to learn to snowboard this year

For many of us who didn’t grow up in or around the mountains, we don’t really have a good idea of what snowboarding is all about.  Our frame of reference is Shaun White and the Olympics or the US Open.  But snowboarding is so much […]

Getting into Freestyle Snowboarding

  So you’ve been riding for a season or two and you’re looking to start trying out some freestyle moves. Where do you begin? You may be scanning through any number of YouTube video tutorials, keyword searching the popular snowboard forums and blogs. You may […]

Going Snowboarding More Than A Few Times A Season

Snowboarding is a lot of fun especially once you get the basic skills down. The exhilaration of gliding across snowy terrain is highly addictive. It’s like flying around the mountain but you’re in total control and can pick and choose anywhere you want to go. […]

Snowboard Board Control

For beginners just starting out snowboarding it can be a bit nerve racking.  Fear of going too fast and crashing or not being able to go in the direction you need to go can get the better of you.  Anxiety and frustration are something we […]

Getting into shape for Snowboard Season

You know the deal. Strapping in for the first time of the new season and your gut muscles are screaming at you “NOOO”. Your legs are on fire half way down the first run. Your back muscles are locked up and you’re struggling to twist […]

Learning to Snowboard When You are Older

I learned to snowboard at age 36. Not old, but no spring chicken when it comes to picking up extreme sports. Mind you there is nothing extreme about my snowboarding- aside from some of my lift dismounts. my first day on a snowboard   But […]

How to Safely Snowboard Crowded Runs

Ski areas can get pretty crowded especially over weekends and holidays.  You might be able to get two or three relatively empty runs in if you get to the lift super early before the lines start building up.  Or you can scope out areas of […]

How to set up your snowboard

It never ceases to amaze me when some riders I meet say they have no idea how to set up their snowboard. A lot of them just have a guy at the ski area rental and tune shop put them on however he thinks is […]

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