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Snowboarding History

Snowboarding history, where and when did it all begin?  Well, it is not hard to imagine that someone over the course of human history slid down a slope covered in snow by standing sideways on some sort of plank.  Unfortunately, that person(s) will remain in […]

Snowboarding and Paddleboarding: Year Round Fun

Every winter and summer we enjoy being outdoors doing what we love best- snowboarding and paddleboarding.  These two sports are very different in the obvious ways, but they also are very similar and compliment each other fantastically.   One of the great things about doing both […]

Snowboard Gear Deals

It’s mid September and although the weather is still steamy this year in the Northeast, it won’t last for long. Soon the ski areas will be charging the new season’s rates on tickets and passes, and that’s why it’s always good to purchase these in […]

Getting into Freestyle Snowboarding

  So you’ve been riding for a season or two and you’re looking to start trying out some freestyle moves. Where do you begin? You may be scanning through any number of YouTube video tutorials, keyword searching the popular snowboard forums and blogs. You may […]

Going Snowboarding More Than A Few Times A Season

Snowboarding is a lot of fun especially once you get the basic skills down. The exhilaration of gliding across snowy terrain is highly addictive. It’s like flying around the mountain but you’re in total control and can pick and choose anywhere you want to go. […]

Snowboard Movies to Get You Stoked

  People have been filming snowboarders since the very beginning. Snowboard movies (aka shred flicks), like surf and skate movies, are a major part of the industry. They also grow the sport by showcasing the latest talent and new tricks and styles. A lot has […]

What kind of paddleboard challenges motivate you to paddleboard?

We all have different motivators. We have shared some of ours with you in previous posts, but what we want to know is how do you challenge yourself? What are your paddle goals for this year? In the beginning the goals were much smaller, try […]

Getting into shape for Snowboard Season

You know the deal. Strapping in for the first time of the new season and your gut muscles are screaming at you “NOOO”. Your legs are on fire half way down the first run. Your back muscles are locked up and you’re struggling to twist […]

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