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“How do I hot wax my snowboard?”

Have you ever asked yourself, “how do I hot wax my snowboard?”  Well here you go. Waxing your snowboard on a regular basis is a good practice for a number reasons.  Snowboards undergo a lot of heavy friction and impacts even on a normal day […]

How Do I Sharpen My Snowboard Edges

Have you ever wondered how do I sharpen my snowboard edges?  Tuning your snowboard edges is an important part of snowboard maintenance.  Your edges do most of the grunt work when carving through a turn, dumping speed, braking and on and on.  As a result, […]

A How-To on Snowboard Base and Edge Maintenance

Most decent quality snowboards are built to last a long time.  But they are still prone to taking a beating year after year and that will eventually lead to some problems.  Some of us have a pretty good  handle on how to wax and tune […]

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