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Snowboarding in Vermont and need a place to stay?

We love snowboarding and splitboarding  in southern VT because it’s easy to get to, it has tons of mountains to shred and plenty of awesome places to shack up for a night or two.  We’re not really about reviewing hotels, Inns or other manners of […]

Snowboarding History

Snowboarding history, where and when did it all begin?  Well, it is not hard to imagine that someone over the course of human history slid down a slope covered in snow by standing sideways on some sort of plank.  Unfortunately, that person(s) will remain in […]

Tips to improve your snowboarding

No matter what your level of snowboarding prowess, you are probably looking for some ways to get better.   Here are some tips for beginners and intermediate snowboarders to make improvements and get more enjoyment out of your riding We all learn in different ways and […]

Should you invest in a snowboarding season pass?

It’s getting late in the snowboarding season and you might be moving on in your mind, now that the crocuses are starting to poke through the frozen ground.  Snowboarding might be starting to take a backseat in your mind to whatever summer activities you have […]

Get ready for snowboarding season- shop now for the best deals on snowboarding gear and trips

While we are mourning paddleboarding season slowly coming to an end, we are getting pretty excited about this upcoming snowboarding season. After getting skunked last year by a gross lack of snow, we are really optimistic that we will reap our rewards this year. So […]

Sustainability and Neverbored

Vendor selection is very important to us and we do not choose any of our partners lightly.  Sustainability and the use of eco-friendly materials and practices are very near and dear to us, so companies who feel stongly about these principles have a special place […]

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