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Sup safety…how to safely enjoy your stand up paddleboard adventures

Paddleboarding is a fun and relatively safe activity, particularly if you follow these basic safety tips. They may not all apply to you depending on where you paddle, but they are not bad tips to have in mind regardless of where you go. Before heading […]

Navigation Rules for SUP

Warmer weather will be arriving soon and people will be getting their boats ready for the water.  By June the bay and major waterways will have a fair amount of daytime boat traffic.  If you are paddleboarding in these areas you should have a good […]

Ocean Paddleboarding

The vastness of the open ocean provides endless opportunities for everything from long excursions, downwinding, to surfing, deepwater fishing, and exploring the coastline.  But there are some very important rules and tips that you should be aware of before you go paddleboarding in the ocean. […]

Paddleboard Self-rescue

Paddleboard Self-rescue

As more and more people start getting into paddleboarding there will inevitably be some misadventures calling for rescue.  Even folks who have been paddleboarding for a considerable length of time will occasionally find themselves extremely challenged or overwhelmed by changing conditions on the water.  The […]

SUP Leashes Protect You and Your Equipment

When you go standup paddleboarding the US Coast Guard requires that you have a PFD (personal floatation device), whistle, and light on board.  There are no requirements about having a leash, though most people in the paddling community would agree that in most cases a […]

A Practical Guide to Avoiding Big Ships When Paddleboarding in Boat Traffic

There is a book called How to Avoid Huge Ships. It seems ridiculous, and the reviews are hilarious. But it brings up a good point when you are paddleboarding in boat traffic. How do you make yourself visible to boats? How do you know who has […]

Paddleboard Safety…tips to help you be prepared for an emergency

Paddleboarding safety is a common theme in many of our blogposts. Even when you take precautions, the water can be fickle, and things can turn bad quickly. This isn’t to scare you, it’s just to make you aware, and to help you prepare for a bad situation should […]

Water Shoes for Paddleboarding

A common question we get asked before taking people out for their first paddle is “Do I need watershoes?” The short answer is “no”. While not strictly necessary, footwear for paddleboarding can be a good option. The two biggest reasons to wear footwear to paddle […]

Standup paddleboard safety…navigating marinas and boat traffic

When paddleboarding, safety has to be your main priority. Part of paddleboarding safely is knowing how to navigate the waterways. Aside from understanding the body of water you are paddling in, how currents and tides affect you there, and where you can get shelter depending […]

11 tips for paddleboarding in hot weather

We are having the hottest summer on record in the northeast.  Even though it looks like the worst of the heat wave has passed and we are back to normal summer temps, there are definitely some precautions we need to take during those super sultry summer […]

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