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What does “shop local” mean to your local snowboard shop?

What does “shop local” mean to your local snowboard or sup shop? In a word…EVERYTHING! Not unlike other small businesses, your local snowboard shop exists to serve the community.  Of course we rely on the residents of our towns and surrounding areas to keep us […]

Snowboarding helmets…why should you wear one?

“Taking head impacts is more than just a cracked skull.  It’s your brain you’re talking about.  And when you talk about your brain, it’s the color that you like.  It’s the music that you listen to.  It’s the friends you have.  It’s everything.”  Tom Feiten, […]

Kids’ snowboarding gear…starting them young

As I was struggling to learn to snowboard there were kids all around me whizzing down the hill with no fear, having a grand old time.  If they fall, they bounce right back up.  And I kept thinking-too bad I didn’t think to try this […]

Latest snowboard tech…how much do you need?

There is a LOT of high tech snowboarding gear on the market.  How much do you really need?  Do you need the latest space age materials snowboard that sells for $2600?  Do you need the most expensive Gore-Tex Pro shell?  Do you need a full […]

Neverbored Board Shop: A New Brand Shop

Neverbored Board Shop: A New Brand Shop

  Neverbored, a brand new standup paddleboard and snowboard shop in RI, is also a “new brand” shop.  We are just four and a half months old selling products from manufacturers who are also starting out in the world.  We always knew that we wanted […]

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