Tag: recreational paddleboarding

SIC Recon 11’11 ridden and reviewed

When we brought SIC in to the shop we knew the X 12 is awesome, and the Bullet 12’6 is the only thing I want to be on in open water, but the Recon was a little more of a mystery for us. Recon is […]

Paddleboard Racing- as much about community as competition

There are many different faces of paddleboarding- recreational, touring, surfing, yoga, whitewater, and racing. While recreational paddling accounts for the vast majority of paddling happening out there, paddleboard racing is really coming into its own.   If you have a good local sup shop or […]

Paddleboarding Tips: 7 Tips for Your Forward Stroke

We recently posted a couple of blogs with general tips to improve your paddleboarding.   If you are just starting out, these basic tips will get you going.   For today’s purposes we are assuming that you have some experience and have had a bit of instruction […]

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