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Choosing a Race or Touring Paddleboard, How Narrow Should You Go?

How narrow should your race or touring paddleboard be? A lot of emphasis is put on specific numbers when you are shopping for paddleboards, but what does it all really mean? And what do you really need? As usual, the answer is not one size […]

What size paddleboard do I need?

A common question that we get in the shop is “What size paddleboard do I need?”  There’s no easy answer to that question because everyone is different.  And there’s no one right answer…there are a lot of boards out there to choose from.  But if […]

A Second Look at the SIC FX Pro 14

At the beginning of the season I wrote a post on the SIC FX Pro and my initial thoughts on it. Well, the summer is winding down and round two of prime paddleboard season is starting up. I’ve put many miles and many days on […]

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