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Paddleboard Skills: The Pivot Turn

There’s a lot of neat stuff you can do on a paddleboard that is also very useful when you find yourself in jam. Learning these skills will improve your overall paddleboarding and give you the opening to move on to more advanced paddling.  One of […]

Stand Up Paddleboarding: The Crossbow Turn

When you first start out paddleboarding you normally learn to turn by pushing hard off the nose of the board or dragging the blade behind you and toward the front.  There’s nothing wrong with doing it either of these ways, and sometimes you may find […]

What kind of paddleboard challenges motivate you to paddleboard?

We all have different motivators. We have shared some of ours with you in previous posts, but what we want to know is how do you challenge yourself? What are your paddle goals for this year? In the beginning the goals were much smaller, try […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Paddleboard Balance

Paddleboarding, like anything else, takes practice to get better. Improving your stroke technique will result in faster and more efficient paddling. Learning how to read the water and the wind will help you catch bumps and avoid making bad decisions. Improving your balance will give […]

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