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Paddling into the Wind: 5 Tips

Being out on the water means you can be exposed to any amount of potential wind.  Unless you always paddle on a completely sheltered body of water, you will eventually encounter winds over 10 or 15 mph. When you are paddling into the wind you […]

Paddle boarding and the weather…things to consider when venturing out

We have done posts on cold weather paddling and we have addressed the gear you should consider having, the importance of dressing for the water temperature, not necessarily the air temperature, and some of the dangers of cold water should you find yourself wetter than […]

Distance paddling for a previously non-endurance athlete

For the past several years there has been a series of paddleboard events in Cape Cod called the Cape Cod Bay Challenge Event Series.  This series consists of the CCBC Supathon, a Battle of the Paddle style race with a beach start where you have […]

Paddleboard Self-rescue

Paddleboard Self-rescue

As more and more people start getting into paddleboarding there will inevitably be some misadventures calling for rescue.  Even folks who have been paddleboarding for a considerable length of time will occasionally find themselves extremely challenged or overwhelmed by changing conditions on the water.  The […]

Beginner Tips for Reading the Wind While Paddleboarding

Here in Rhode Island we get a good amount of wind and not only during the winter.  The Gulf Stream circulates warm air and ocean currents up the coast to us while the Canadian jet stream sends Arctic chilled air down.  The constant push and […]

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