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Paddleboarding season does not have to end at Labor Day

Many people seem to think that the paddleboarding season in RI ends with Labor Day.  It doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) be that way.  Fall paddleboarding is some of the best paddling of the year.  You just might need to be a little more creative […]

Snowboarding and Paddleboarding: Year Round Fun

Every winter and summer we enjoy being outdoors doing what we love best- snowboarding and paddleboarding.  These two sports are very different in the obvious ways, but they also are very similar and compliment each other fantastically.   One of the great things about doing both […]

Paddleboard Tours to RI’s Lighthouses

Last month the Providence Journal published an article about RI Lighthouse tours along with an interactive map. It offers several options for seeing the 21 lighthouses in the state by boat and even by helicopter. Since I don’t think in terms of boats and helicopters, […]

Paddleboard Tours to RI’s Lighthouses- the East Passage of Narragansett Bay

There are 21 lighthouses in RI…19 of them are “on the mainland” and 2 are on Block Island. While my intent is to paddle to all of them, Block Island will probably not happen this paddleboarding season. So far I have made it to 14. […]

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