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Paddling into the Wind: 5 Tips

Being out on the water means you can be exposed to any amount of potential wind.  Unless you always paddle on a completely sheltered body of water, you will eventually encounter winds over 10 or 15 mph. When you are paddling into the wind you […]

Paddle boarding and the weather…things to consider when venturing out

We have done posts on cold weather paddling and we have addressed the gear you should consider having, the importance of dressing for the water temperature, not necessarily the air temperature, and some of the dangers of cold water should you find yourself wetter than […]

Tips for Paddleboarding in Rough Water

Paddleboarding in rough water can be tricky business.  Wind, tides, currents, boat wakes and rebound off of coastal features can all affect your ride.  Wind causes the surface of the water to pile up on itself creating peaks and valleys that move rapidly.  This is […]

Paddleboard Tours to RI’s Lighthouses

Last month the Providence Journal published an article about RI Lighthouse tours along with an interactive map. It offers several options for seeing the 21 lighthouses in the state by boat and even by helicopter. Since I don’t think in terms of boats and helicopters, […]

Paddleboard apps for weather, wind, and tides

There is an app (or 10) for everything it seems. So it can be tough to narrow down which ones are best for any given purpose. There are basically four categories of paddleboarding apps that can come in very handy Weather apps-provide hugely important information […]

Paddleboard Tours to RI’s Lighthouses- the East Passage of Narragansett Bay

There are 21 lighthouses in RI…19 of them are “on the mainland” and 2 are on Block Island. While my intent is to paddle to all of them, Block Island will probably not happen this paddleboarding season. So far I have made it to 14. […]

Beginner Tips for Reading the Wind While Paddleboarding

Here in Rhode Island we get a good amount of wind and not only during the winter.  The Gulf Stream circulates warm air and ocean currents up the coast to us while the Canadian jet stream sends Arctic chilled air down.  The constant push and […]

4 Ways to Carry a Standup Paddleboard

There are four basic ways to carry your standup paddleboard. I tend to use all of them depending on which board I have, how far I am going, the conditions, and whether or not I am alone. They each have their pluses and minuses and […]

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