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Bark Vapor Ghost 12’6 test drive

Bark Vapor Ghost 12’6 test drive

Sometimes you step on a paddleboard, and you immediately love it. You know that you and that board can have many exciting adventures together. Others you don’t connect with at all. It’s doesn’t feel worth the time or energy that would be necessary to decide […]

Tips for Paddleboarding in Rough Water

Paddleboarding in rough water can be tricky business.  Wind, tides, currents, boat wakes and rebound off of coastal features can all affect your ride.  Wind causes the surface of the water to pile up on itself creating peaks and valleys that move rapidly.  This is […]

Ocean Paddleboarding

The vastness of the open ocean provides endless opportunities for everything from long excursions, downwinding, to surfing, deepwater fishing, and exploring the coastline.  But there are some very important rules and tips that you should be aware of before you go paddleboarding in the ocean. […]

Paddleboarding in open water…a guide to get you started

If you have been paddleboarding in flatwater and you want to take your game to open water, there are a bunch of things to be aware of. Here is your guide to getting started paddleboarding in open water Things to know and do before you […]

Next level guide to paddleboarding in open water

So you have dipped your toes in the open water, hopefully using our guide to getting started paddleboarding in open waterand have read about paddling in rough water, and you have realized how much fun you can have out there and some of the new […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Paddleboard Balance

Paddleboarding, like anything else, takes practice to get better. Improving your stroke technique will result in faster and more efficient paddling. Learning how to read the water and the wind will help you catch bumps and avoid making bad decisions. Improving your balance will give […]

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