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What’s New with Neverbored

For any of you who missed it, Never Bored Board Shop closed a couple of weeks ago.  This site is still alive so we can keep sharing our love of paddleboarding and snowboarding with you, and to keep all of our past efforts at sharing […]

Finding your happy place…on a stand up paddleboard

Think about your happy place… What is that place or activity that makes you feel happy and at peace and can make your stress melt away? Your “happy place” can be doing something athletic like running, yoga, mountain climbing,  etc. or something completely different like […]

5 Reasons why you should try standup paddleboarding this year

In case you need convincing to try paddleboarding, here are 5 of the top reasons why you should… 1)   It’s fun! 2)   It’s great exercise 3)   You can see lots of new places and things, from a new perspective 4)   It is easier than you […]

Standup paddleboarding in northern RI? Check out these spots.

There are a lot of lakes in Northern RI…some big-ish, some small, some accessible to the public, some…not so much.  Here are a few of our picks for good paddling with easy access.  Stump Pond, Pascoag Reservoir and Wallum Lake are the three we’ll take […]

Distance paddling for a previously non-endurance athlete

For the past several years there has been a series of paddleboard events in Cape Cod called the Cape Cod Bay Challenge Event Series.  This series consists of the CCBC Supathon, a Battle of the Paddle style race with a beach start where you have […]

Stand Up Paddleboarding: Paddling Technique

It’s no secret that stand up paddleboarding is a great core strengthening work out.  The synchronized movement of your upper body and hips engages every muscle in your torso from the biggest to the smallest.  Your legs hold your balance as they react to the […]

Kids’ paddleboarding- the future of our sport

The future of any sport lies in getting the next generation involved and excited about it.  This is why it is so important for us to expose kids to paddleboarding. The paddleboard industry is banding together to accomplish just that.     Kids’ paddleboarding can […]

Paddleboarding in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the called the “Ocean State” but it also has a lot inland waterways and coastal salt ponds that are great for stand up paddleboarding.  Rhode Island also has four very distinct seasons that help keep the paddleboarding experience fresh, giving you new stuff […]

Paddleboard Skills: The Pivot Turn

There’s a lot of neat stuff you can do on a paddleboard that is also very useful when you find yourself in jam. Learning these skills will improve your overall paddleboarding and give you the opening to move on to more advanced paddling.  One of […]

Paddleboard Tours to RI’s Lighthouses

Last month the Providence Journal published an article about RI Lighthouse tours along with an interactive map. It offers several options for seeing the 21 lighthouses in the state by boat and even by helicopter. Since I don’t think in terms of boats and helicopters, […]

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