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Quaddick Reservoir: A Paddle Board Trip Report

Quaddick Reservoir is located in the northeastern corner of Connecticut just on the other side of the Rhode Island state line.  Quaddick, is Nipmuck Indian for “bend in the river”, and it had been a fishing area for the tribe for a long time before […]

Paddleboard Self-rescue

Paddleboard Self-rescue

As more and more people start getting into paddleboarding there will inevitably be some misadventures calling for rescue.  Even folks who have been paddleboarding for a considerable length of time will occasionally find themselves extremely challenged or overwhelmed by changing conditions on the water.  The […]

When Life Gets In the Way of Paddleboarding We Have an Opportunity

In this age of constant stimulation and an always on the go mentality, it can be hard to slow down and smell the proverbial roses. We have written about different sources of motivation to get out and go paddleboarding before. And it is great to […]

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