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What does “shop local” mean to your local snowboard shop?

What does “shop local” mean to your local snowboard or sup shop? In a word…EVERYTHING! Not unlike other small businesses, your local snowboard shop exists to serve the community.  Of course we rely on the residents of our towns and surrounding areas to keep us […]

13 reasons why you should visit your local sup shop

There are a number of reasons why you should visit your local sup shop-here are 13. More expertise – local stand up paddle board shop usually offer more expertise than big box stores and buying online.  In a good local shop the people working there actually […]

Webster Lake Paddle Board Trip

  A little while back we decided to go on a paddle board trip at Webster Lake located not far from the northwestern border of Rhode Island and right near the northern border of Connecticut, in the town of Webster in Massachusetts.  Webster Lake is the […]

What size paddleboard do I need?

A common question that we get in the shop is “What size paddleboard do I need?”  There’s no easy answer to that question because everyone is different.  And there’s no one right answer…there are a lot of boards out there to choose from.  But if […]

Can You Get A Deal On A Paddleboard At Your Local SUP Shop

There are a number of avenues you can choose to buy a paddleboard.    There are big box stores, chain stores, online stores, and local sup shops.  The price for the same thing can be different at every one of them.  And everyone wants to […]

Thinking of buying a paddleboard online? Read this first…

So you have decided to invest in your own paddleboard.  Congratulations!  It is a great decision and you will soon find yourself exploring new places from your perch on the water, and your life will never quite be the same now that you are “walking […]

Is an Ocean Rodeo Drysuit the answer for cold weather paddleboarding?

Ocean Rodeo drysuits make paddleboard “season” a thing of the past by allowing you to get out on the water all year, or at least extend your season on both ends. When the cold weather (and water) sets in, you have a few options 1)   […]

FAQs when you are thinking about buying your first paddleboard

We get asked a lot of questions when people are thinking about buying their first paddleboard.  Here are some of the most common ones we hear.   How heavy are they? Most boards are in the 20-30 lb range.  There are some high-end boards that […]

Kids’ paddleboarding- the future of our sport

The future of any sport lies in getting the next generation involved and excited about it.  This is why it is so important for us to expose kids to paddleboarding. The paddleboard industry is banding together to accomplish just that.     Kids’ paddleboarding can […]

How much do paddleboards weigh?

Par for the course, there’s no easy answer to the question “How much do paddleboards weigh?”  Most decent boards are in the 24-30lb range.  There are some excellent boards that come in less than that, and some equally excellent boards that are more than that. […]

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