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A first timer’s guide…how to paddleboard

So you are going to learn how to paddleboard…you are on your way to a really fun time! Caution…paddleboarding has been shown to be addictive in lab rats. Here is some information to help you get started.  If you are taking a lesson or renting […]

Finding your happy place…on a stand up paddleboard

Think about your happy place… What is that place or activity that makes you feel happy and at peace and can make your stress melt away? Your “happy place” can be doing something athletic like running, yoga, mountain climbing,  etc. or something completely different like […]

Paddleboard accessories can add to safety and enjoyment

One of the beautiful things about paddleboarding is the minimal equipment that you need to go out. The only things that you absolutely need are the board and the paddle. From there you can choose what other paddleboard accessories you want/need to make your journey […]

Ke Nalu Mana standup paddleboard paddle

We get to try a lot of fun gear. It’s one of the perks of the job. When we are testing things we have to think about not only what we are excited about, but what is going to be appropriate for our customers. We […]

Different Types of Adjustable Paddleboard Paddles

Anyone who has been paddling for a while knows that paddleboards come in a ton of different shapes, sizes, and constructions.  The same is true for paddles.  There’s a different paddle for every type of paddling and every type of paddler. Adjustable paddles allow more than one person […]

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