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What’s New with Neverbored

For any of you who missed it, Never Bored Board Shop closed a couple of weeks ago.  This site is still alive so we can keep sharing our love of paddleboarding and snowboarding with you, and to keep all of our past efforts at sharing […]

5 Reasons why you should try standup paddleboarding this year

In case you need convincing to try paddleboarding, here are 5 of the top reasons why you should… 1)   It’s fun! 2)   It’s great exercise 3)   You can see lots of new places and things, from a new perspective 4)   It is easier than you […]

Standup Paddleboard Tips

It’s February and the lakes are frozen but not for long!  Spring has been coming earlier each year and there is little doubt that the weather will be getting warm very soon.   Warm weather means paddleboarding season is coming back in full swing.  Personally, I […]

Paddleboard Lessons

There are many different types of paddleboard lessons available today.  You can find lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced paddlers.  There are also certification programs for water safety and becoming an instructor.  In addition, you can also choose to take lessons in not only basic […]

Paddleboard Skills: The Pivot Turn

There’s a lot of neat stuff you can do on a paddleboard that is also very useful when you find yourself in jam. Learning these skills will improve your overall paddleboarding and give you the opening to move on to more advanced paddling.  One of […]

Beginner SUP Tips: How to Paddle Straighter

Paddleboarding is a lot of fun and especially after you nail down some basic techniques that allow you to paddle faster and straighter. Once you learn and start practicing how to paddle straighter you will also be able to paddle farther and longer without getting […]

The Value of Buying Your Paddleboard from Your Local Sup Shop

With standup paddleboarding growing so quickly, it’s natural that they are starting to pop up everywhere…big box stores, discount stores, all over the internet, and at your local sup shop. It can be a daunting thing to choose which board to get. It’s hard to […]

Early Season Paddleboarding: Paddling Technique

Now that it’s officially spring and there’s no chance of the water freezing over again, it’s time to start getting back into the swing of things. So far I have been out a few times logging some miles. This is the time I need to […]

Standup Paddleboarding Tips…3 Tips to Improve Your Paddleboarding

If you are looking for ways to improve your paddling, we have three tips to help you on that road.   1) Move around on your board. The more comfortable you are moving around on your paddleboard, the better. You should practice moving in all […]

Release and Recovery Phase of the Paddleboard Stroke

In order to become a good paddleboarder you need to develop good paddling skills. Most of your progression in paddleboarding will be a result of learning proper stroke technique. Paddling technique includes the three phases of the stroke- the catch, power phase, and the release and […]

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