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7 Reasons why you should consider stand up paddle board lessons

People considering trying standup paddleboarding tend to fall into two camps…those who think it looks easy, or those who think it looks hard.  Those in the former camp are likely to forego the lesson(s), rent a board, and figure it out themselves.  Those in the […]

Ocean Paddleboarding Part II

In our last post we talked about some basic safety rules and tips to be aware of before you head out into the open ocean water on your paddleboard.  These included getting the correct type of personal flotation device (PFD) and identifying and understanding the […]

Moving Around on Your Paddleboard

Most of the time that you’re paddleboarding you’ll be standing in the middle of your board. You will be most stable when standing with your feet on either side of the handle. And for flatwater paddling you will also get the most speed and glide […]

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