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Supreme Paddle Gear

Supreme Paddle Gear is a new brand (under the Henderson Sport Group) that makes SUP apparel specifically designed to meet the needs of paddleboarders. Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is unique in the water sports world not only because it is a new sport but it also […]

Paddleboard Racks

It’s early November here in New England and the chilly mornings are starting to pop up with some frequency. While some of us die-hard paddlers will be out on the water in our dry suits, wet suits and hoodies probably through the winter, most people […]

Paddleboard Deck Pads

There are just a few components that go into making up a paddleboard aside from the complex construction or materials inside the board. The leash plugs, fin boxes, and maybe a GoPro mount are embedded into the paddleboard, but the deck pad is probably the […]

Features for All-around Paddleboards

Paddleboarding is a young sport that is evolving in a number of ways. The sport has gone from surf-style to flat water cruising and touring, open water down-winding, racing, and white water river adventures. Paddleboards are also great for fitness training, yoga, fishing, and some […]

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