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How much do paddleboards weigh?

Par for the course, there’s no easy answer to the question “How much do paddleboards weigh?”  Most decent boards are in the 24-30lb range.  There are some excellent boards that come in less than that, and some equally excellent boards that are more than that. […]

Carbon Fiber Stand-Up Paddleboards

With so many different standup paddleboards available today the first thing to think about when choosing one is, “How will it match up with the type of riding that you want to do?” That question is most often answered in terms of the size and […]

Stand-Up Paddleboard Handles

One thing all paddleboards have in common is a handle. But you may not be aware of all the different types of stand-up paddleboard handles on the market today and their pros and cons.  Paddleboard handles serve a dual purpose.  The first obviously is to […]

Riviera Paddle Surf Introduces Eco Molded Blanks for 2016

Riviera paddleboards is introducing ECO molded blanks for their top 12 boards in the 2016 lineup. By and large, the paddleboard industry is not an environmentally friendly one. The foam cores, epoxies, resins, paints, waste, and adhesives all have an environmental impact. So does the […]

Paddleboard Rocker and Rail Outline

The first thing you notice when walking into a paddleboard shop is the number boards with very different shapes. That’s because paddleboards are designed for specific types of paddling, and those shapes are part of what makes them to perform as intended. Two shape features […]

What is Paddleboard Volume and Why is it Important

Most paddleboards have the dimensions written on the bottom or side. Length, width, and thickness are pretty standard, but there’s also another important attribute that new buyers should be aware of- we’re talking about paddleboard volume. A paddleboard’s volume is measure in liters and it […]

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