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Paddleboard apps for weather, wind, and tides

There is an app (or 10) for everything it seems. So it can be tough to narrow down which ones are best for any given purpose. There are basically four categories of paddleboarding apps that can come in very handy Weather apps-provide hugely important information […]

The NK SpeedCoach SUP 2 for tracking your sup training

There are a lot of options to track your paddleboard training. Countless apps will provide information like speed, distance, and time, many have some type of GPS that will show you a map of your travels. For most people that is plenty of data. But […]

Tracking Apps for Paddleboarding

We all know there’s an app for just about everything.  We have explored some of the apps that can help you prepare for weather, winds, and tides before heading out.  There are a whole lot of tracking apps out there too that you might find […]

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