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Paddle Flex: Stiff vs Soft

Buying the right paddle for yourself is probably the most important purchase you are going to make in paddleboarding. There are several factors to consider when choosing a paddleboard paddle, like how long should it be, and what size blade should I get. But one […]

What Length Should Your SUP Paddle Be?

Your paddle is the most important piece of gear in your paddleboard rig.  It can determine how fast or slow you go, how well you turn, and how stable you are on the paddleboard.  The flex of the paddle and the blade play a huge […]

Choosing SUP Paddles…Ke Nalu X-Tufs Provide Excellent Value

Choosing sup paddles can be overwhelming. And when you’re buying your first setup it can be very tempting to skimp on the paddle. We always encourage people to get a good paddle even if it means buying a little less of a board. The paddle is […]

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