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Paddle Board Lessons: 4 Steps to More Power

One of the things that every paddleboarder would like to do better is to paddle faster without getting tuckered out so easily.  First time paddle board lessons will usually instruct you on where to stand on the board, how to hold the paddle, some safety […]

Cathy goes to Kalama Kamp to fix her paddle board stroke-Part 1

This is part 1 of a 2 part post about my experience at Kalama Kamp.   Part 1 is about the general experience and the format for the clinic.  Part 2 will get into specific tips and tweaks to make your stroke more efficient. When I […]

Cathy goes to Kalama Kamp Part-2 practical paddle board stroke tips

Ok, so you have read about what Kalama Kamp was like but you are probably much more interested in what we actually learned.  What are the tips that can help you paddle more efficiently? I will outline a few of them here Reach…no, reach more! […]

SUP Stroke Technique: Getting the Paddle Down into the Water

Paddleboarding is a great full body exercise sport and the more you do it the stronger you get.  But many people make the mistake that because they are feeling and looking in good shape that they can ride faster by simply paddling harder. But in […]

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