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Paddle boarding and the weather…things to consider when venturing out

We have done posts on cold weather paddling and we have addressed the gear you should consider having, the importance of dressing for the water temperature, not necessarily the air temperature, and some of the dangers of cold water should you find yourself wetter than […]

Ocean Paddleboarding Part II

In our last post we talked about some basic safety rules and tips to be aware of before you head out into the open ocean water on your paddleboard.  These included getting the correct type of personal flotation device (PFD) and identifying and understanding the […]

Paddleboard apps for weather, wind, and tides

There is an app (or 10) for everything it seems. So it can be tough to narrow down which ones are best for any given purpose. There are basically four categories of paddleboarding apps that can come in very handy Weather apps-provide hugely important information […]

11 tips for paddleboarding in hot weather

We are having the hottest summer on record in the northeast.  Even though it looks like the worst of the heat wave has passed and we are back to normal summer temps, there are definitely some precautions we need to take during those super sultry summer […]

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