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Paddle Board Lessons: 4 Steps to More Power

One of the things that every paddleboarder would like to do better is to paddle faster without getting tuckered out so easily.  First time paddle board lessons will usually instruct you on where to stand on the board, how to hold the paddle, some safety […]

Becoming an ACA Certified SUP Instructor

I had absolutely no idea what to expect when attending the 3 day American Canoe Association Instructor Certification Training.  My formal paddleboard training was limited.  I worked on my stroke with Dave Kalama, but other than that, most of what I knew was learned from […]

7 Reasons why you should consider stand up paddle board lessons

People considering trying standup paddleboarding tend to fall into two camps…those who think it looks easy, or those who think it looks hard.  Those in the former camp are likely to forego the lesson(s), rent a board, and figure it out themselves.  Those in the […]

Paddleboard Lessons

There are many different types of paddleboard lessons available today.  You can find lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced paddlers.  There are also certification programs for water safety and becoming an instructor.  In addition, you can also choose to take lessons in not only basic […]

Moving Around on Your Paddleboard

Most of the time that you’re paddleboarding you’ll be standing in the middle of your board. You will be most stable when standing with your feet on either side of the handle. And for flatwater paddling you will also get the most speed and glide […]

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