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Never Summer Women’s Proto Type Two

We hit up a demo at Killington last week, and with no eye toward what to order, we got to ride whatever we wanted. When we arrived Never Summer and Launch were the only two snowboard companies set up.   Knowing that Never Summer was […]

Gnu’s XC2 vs Never Summer’s Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile

I have ridden Gnu snowboards for most of the years I have been riding. There has never been a point when there wasn’t at least one Gnu board in my quiver. I am fairly well versed in all of their camber profiles having had most […]

What’s new in women’s snowboarding gear for 2017/2018- Stratton Demos part 1

Despite driving home in a blizzard and brining the flu home with us, we had an excellent week at Stratton testing out some of the coolest stuff coming next season.  I approached things a little differently this year focusing on bindings much more than usual […]

Women’s snowboarding gear preview part 2

Day 2 of the Stratton demo was full of new women’s snowboarding gear. This year was all about trying some different stuff. We always stick pretty close to the brands we carry, and this year we decided to branch out from that and see what […]

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