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What’s New with Neverbored

For any of you who missed it, Never Bored Board Shop closed a couple of weeks ago.  This site is still alive so we can keep sharing our love of paddleboarding and snowboarding with you, and to keep all of our past efforts at sharing […]

Latest snowboard tech…how much do you need?

There is a LOT of high tech snowboarding gear on the market.  How much do you really need?  Do you need the latest space age materials snowboard that sells for $2600?  Do you need the most expensive Gore-Tex Pro shell?  Do you need a full […]

When buying a snowboard should you choose directional, true twin or directional twin?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a snowboard….the type of riding you prefer should be a driving force in that decision. Whether you ride the park all day, bop through the trees, cruise groomers, or try to achieve Mach 4 on […]

The trouble with buying snowboard gear from sites like Craig’s List

Craig’s List (and similar sites that we’ll lump with “CL” for simplicity’s sake) can be a great clearing house for excellent deals on snowboarding gear….if you know what you are getting.   When you buy a new snowboard setup, there’s usually plenty of information available […]

Our Snowboarding Trip Along the Powder Highway Part 2- Revelstoke

The ride to Revelstoke is every bit as awe-inspiring as the ride around Banff…but in a different way. The mountains meet the highway and their largess is in your face, literally. You can practically reach your hand out the window and touch them. There is […]

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