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Snowboarding Preview for 2018/2019- Jones Snowboards

There has been a lot going on at Jones Snowboards this year developing new and expanded offerings for next season. For the 2018/2019 season, you will find Bindings Accessories Avalanche equipment New Board sizes New Boards Bindings Next year Jones is adding bindings to their […]

Next Year’s Snowboarding Gear: An SIA Re-Cap

Last Friday we arrived in Denver to take a close look at next year’s snowboarding gear.  It is now Saturday, February 9 and SIA (SnowSports Industries America) is over…Demo Days are over…Winter Park is over and we are stuck at DIA waiting to get back […]

Climate Change, Jeremy Jones, Splitboarding and the Future

By now everyone is probably well aware that the summers are getting longer and the winters are getting shorter.  It is getting warmer (March 2012 temperatures reached the eighties!) and while the standup paddleboard community may benefit from a longer warm season and rising sea […]

The Rise of Splitboarding: Where it started and where it is now

  Splitboarding is a new offshoot of snowboarding, which is a relatively new sport.  Although it’s history harkens back to the nineties, it hasn’t been until the last 6 or so years that it has really taken off.  The rise of splitboarding is partly due […]

Jones Snowboards 2017

Every year Jones Snowboards comes out with new tech that changes how their boards ride. Some of these features are spin offs from other brands, some are original designs, and still others are a combination of both. But with Jones, the new tech roll-outs are […]

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