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Fun Times at Evelyn O’Doherty’s RI Paddleboard Clinic

Fun Times at Evelyn O’Doherty’s RI Paddleboard Clinic

Last weekend Evelyn O’Doherty, team rider for Starboard and KIALOA, yoga instructor, and online editor of Standup Journal, made her way to RI to lead a clinic offered through the Kayak Centre in Wickford. Mark and I went to see what tips we could pick […]

Paddleboarding Tips: 7 Tips for Your Forward Stroke

We recently posted a couple of blogs with general tips to improve your paddleboarding.   If you are just starting out, these basic tips will get you going.   For today’s purposes we are assuming that you have some experience and have had a bit of instruction […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Paddleboard Balance

Paddleboarding, like anything else, takes practice to get better. Improving your stroke technique will result in faster and more efficient paddling. Learning how to read the water and the wind will help you catch bumps and avoid making bad decisions. Improving your balance will give […]

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