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More women’s snowboarding gear from the Stratton Demos for 2019

More women’s snowboarding gear from the Stratton Demos for 2019

Wednesday was a snow day fun day. With snow starting around 10 am and going all day and all night, there were constant refills. After picking up a Never Summer Proto Type Two last year, I was curious about what else Never Summer has to […]

Stratton Demos…First look at some 2019 Women’s Snowboarding Gear

This year was a little different at the demos. Since we no longer have the shop, the goals when heading there were a far cry from what they were in the past. We went to ride, have fun, and test out some cool new stuff […]

Stratton 2016/2017 Demo Women’s Snowboarding Gear Preview- Gnu Girls’

The past two years we have been super lucky weather-wise at the demos…powder? Yes, please. This year, not so much. We had incredibly hard, ice chunky conditions on Tuesday, torrential rains on Wednesday, and more shiny hard stuff at the top on Thursday, with much […]

Choosing a Snowboard Can Be Like Choosing a Car

Riding different snowboards is kind of like driving different cars. You can have an easy riding, automatic, shock-absorbing ride like a Acura. Or you can have a raw power, unforgiving stick shift, feel every bump kind of ride like a Ferrari. And there is everything […]

Gnu’s XC2 vs Never Summer’s Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile

I have ridden Gnu snowboards for most of the years I have been riding. There has never been a point when there wasn’t at least one Gnu board in my quiver. I am fairly well versed in all of their camber profiles having had most […]

Snowboarding gear preview…what’s new for 2018

It’s snow show time! This time of year is always exciting…we get to preview all of the cool snowboarding stuff coming out next year! Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love gear so this makes me positively giddy.   I managed to visit […]

More of the women’s snowboarding gear preview for 2018

Day 3 was a powder day…what better way to start off than a powder board? In retrospect I can think of a lot of better ways than what I chose, but at the time, the Gnu Free Spirit seemed like the way to go. This […]

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