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Stratton Demos…First look at some 2019 Women’s Snowboarding Gear

This year was a little different at the demos. Since we no longer have the shop, the goals when heading there were a far cry from what they were in the past. We went to ride, have fun, and test out some cool new stuff […]

New-ish Tech: Gnu Asym Sidecuts

Gnu Asym (read asymmetrical) snowboard sidecut technology has been around for several years so it’s not exactly brand new.   And if you go all the way back to the eighties you can find asym tech on various boards coming out of the Elan factory in […]

Gnu Fastec Snowboard Binding System

      The Gnu Fastec snowboard system has been around for about five years.  Fastec is a proprietary name for what is more broadly referred to as a reclining highback or rear entry system.  There have been a few improvements over the life span of […]

Gnu Snowboards 2015

Gnu Snowboards started up in the early 1980’s under the direction of Mervin Manufacturing’s Mike Olson and Pete Saari who themselves began building snowboards in 1977.  Mervin also includes Lib Tech and Roxy snowboards.  Gnu, Lib and Roxy have always been made in the United […]

Gnu 2016 Snowboards

  Gnu is part of Mervin Manufacturing, which also makes Lib Tech and Roxy snowboards.  Mervin Snowboards has been around for 40+ years when Mike Olsen launched the Gnu brand in the early 80’s.  Over the years, Mervin and Gnu have come up with some […]

Gnu snowboards’ rocker profile alphabet soup and aggression spectrum decoded

If you are familiar with Gnu snowboards, you probably have some knowledge of how they label their rocker profiles, but it might not make a whole lot of sense to you. It can definitely be confusing and overwhelming, but they are working on simplifying it, […]

Gnu’s XC2 vs Never Summer’s Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile

I have ridden Gnu snowboards for most of the years I have been riding. There has never been a point when there wasn’t at least one Gnu board in my quiver. I am fairly well versed in all of their camber profiles having had most […]

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