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Flux Snowboard Bindings Always Moving Forward

Flux is a twenty-one year old Japanese company that makes some of the best snowboard bindings on the market.   Since 1992 their innovations have consistently changed industry standards.  They were the originators of toecap straps as well as urethane infused high backs and chassis.   They […]

Testing Out New Snowboards at SIA Demo Days: Mark’s Re-Cap

After the SIA Trade Show all the participants have the opportunity to head to Winter Park for two days of testing out next season’s snowboard gear.  Almost all of the vendors are represented so the selection of boards and bindings to ride is vast.  After last year’s […]

Snowboard Bindings- What to look for

When choosing snowboard bindings it’s helpful to have a few ideas on what to look for.  Snowboard bindings act as the interface between you and your snowboard.  They tell your board what you want to do and how you want it done.  They often look like […]

2015 Snowboard Bindings

This is third and last installment post for the 2014 Stratton Demos.  These are my general thoughts on four pairs of 2015 snowboard bindings that I rode on the last day-  Salomon Balance, Gnu Psyche, Flux DS and Flux RL.  The snow conditions were left over powder […]

What’s New in Girls’ Snowboarding for 2015

There was so much to try and talk about at the Stratton demos that we are going on post #3 for the girls’ stuff.  And there’s a lot left to look at. “the rest” includes Arbor Snowboards Cadence, Swoon, Poparazzi, and Draft Salomon Snowboards Gypsy […]

Snowboard Binding Adjustments

  On the surface, snowboard bindings seem pretty straight forward.  Their basic function is to hold your feet to your board. But there is more to them than that. Besides matching the flex of the highback and chassis with your boots and/or riding style, you […]

Flux Snowboard Bindings

Many snowboard companies have a foot in different types of equipment- boards, boots, goggles, or apparel. It is hard to stay viable (and profitable) without diversifying. So, when you have one company that’s been around for the better part of a quarter century that only […]

Matching Your Snowboard and Bindings Can Be Like Putting Peanut Butter with Jelly

You can put together an almost infinite number of snowboard and bindings combinations…you can mix brands, styles, flexes, colors, etc. And none of that is wrong. But when you get the “right” pairing, it can bring your riding experience to a whole new level. I […]

Snowboarding gear preview…what’s new for 2018

It’s snow show time! This time of year is always exciting…we get to preview all of the cool snowboarding stuff coming out next year! Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love gear so this makes me positively giddy.   I managed to visit […]

What’s new in women’s snowboarding gear for 2017/2018- Stratton Demos part 1

Despite driving home in a blizzard and brining the flu home with us, we had an excellent week at Stratton testing out some of the coolest stuff coming next season.  I approached things a little differently this year focusing on bindings much more than usual […]

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