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SIC Bullet 14 V2

SIC Bullet 14 V2

For me, downwind paddleboarding easily meets the gold standard of fun.  I love getting out into the open water when big swells are happening.  The thrill of hunting down monster bumps, catching them, and then surfing them at high speed is just a glorious feeling.

What is Downwind Paddleboarding?

Standup paddleboarding is a versatile sport and there are several different kinds of paddleboarding you can do including racing, touring, surfing and downwinding.  The first three are common enough but downwind paddleboarding is a concept that not everyone is familiar with.  Generally speaking, whenever you […]

SIC Bullet…open ocean and downwind paddleboarding like it should be

SIC Paddleboards makes world-class paddleboards, and the Bullet is their open ocean downwinding board.  It comes in four sizes so there is one for everyone. Though they are designed in Hawaii, for Hawaiin downwinding conditions, these boards translate beautifully to east coast waters. The SIC […]

Ocean Paddleboarding

The vastness of the open ocean provides endless opportunities for everything from long excursions, downwinding, to surfing, deepwater fishing, and exploring the coastline.  But there are some very important rules and tips that you should be aware of before you go paddleboarding in the ocean. […]

Downwind Paddleboarding – A Closer Look

A while back we wrote an introductory post on downwind paddleboarding.  It covered the general aspects of water and wind conditions for downwinding and the basic way to go about catching the swells, or as paddleboarders call them, “bumps”.  Let’s take a closer look at […]

Choosing SUP Paddles…Ke Nalu X-Tufs Provide Excellent Value

Choosing sup paddles can be overwhelming. And when you’re buying your first setup it can be very tempting to skimp on the paddle. We always encourage people to get a good paddle even if it means buying a little less of a board. The paddle is […]

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